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Impairments that Qualify for Disability Benefits

Does your physical or mental condition impair your ability to earn a decent living? If so, you might be entitled to monthly benefits through the Social Security Administration. The first step involves determining whether you qualify.

For experienced guidance with no out-of-pocket fees, contact Berkley Disability. We help make a difference in the lives of adults and children with disabilities. Our team — which includes a government-approved disability advocate — can walk you through all stages of the Social Security claims process, including whether you qualify.

What Counts as a Disability?

Disabilities can take many forms. They may be purely physical, affecting your motor skills and mobility. Or they may be mental, affecting your cognitive abilities or emotional functioning.

Some people sustain life-altering injuries in an accident. Others suffer chronic or degenerative conditions. In some cases, those who earn a living in hazardous or strenuous occupations end up with lifelong impairments. Any of these conditions can potentially count as a disability for purposes of Social Security benefits.


Your Free Opportunity for Exploring Benefits

During your free consultation with our advocate, you can gain a clear sense of your options for pursuing disability benefits. We have helped people struggling with virtually every type of impairment.

Our 50-plus years of combined experience in the disability field serve as a testament to our dedicated approach. In our office, you won’t be just another number. We will know your story and call you by name.

At Berkley Disability, our advocates are a lifeline for those in need.

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