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Was Your Disability Claim Denied?

Turned down for disability benefits? Just because your initial application was unsuccessful does not mean you are out of luck. Denials are disappointing, but they are often only the first step in a multistage process.

There is still hope for a successful outcome. After an initial denial, you are facing a critical juncture. Don’t squander your opportunities for benefits by missing important deadlines or failing to present the right evidence. Instead, make the wise choice to seek professional guidance.

Turn Your Claim Around

The Berkley Disability advocacy group provides experienced representation for no cost upfront. We understand how disheartening it can feel to miss out on the benefits that may be your financial lifeline. Our goal is to help you pursue every path toward approval.

Combining thorough preparation with in-depth knowledge of Social Security benefits, our team has a unique vantage point in the disability field. You will benefit from the experience of our approved disability advocate. This experience equips us to handle claims ranging from the most basic to the exceptionally complex. Our mastery of the Social Security appeals process gives us insight into the elements of a strong claim.

We stand on a decades-long commitment to helping people in need. You can gain peace of mind and confidence knowing we will take your best interests to heart.