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Degenerative Disc Disease

Chronic back pain can take a tremendous toll on your life. Some days, you might not even be able to get out of bed, much less go to work at a job that requires standing, sitting or moving.

A common cause of back pain among the middle-aged and older population is degenerative disc disease. This painful condition causes vital structures in the spine to break down, resulting in nerve dysfunction, impaired mobility and debilitating pain in the lower back or neck.

Degenerative disc disorder can arise on its own, as part of the aging process, or it can develop from herniated discs and other back injuries. Either way, you may face a slim chance of ever working again.

Don’t Risk Leaving Benefits on the Table

Back pain is a leading disability among those who receive Social Security Disability or Supplemental Security Income. Yet that does not mean you have a slam-dunk case. Getting approved for benefits can be a lengthy and challenging process.

We can make the process easier by tackling the technical complexities. At Berkley Disability, a California-based disability advocacy group, our claimants advocate holds a passion for making a difference. Our entire team devotes our careers to this niche field. In our office, you can expect dedicated, one-on-one representation and no upfront fees.

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Why Back Pain Cases are Challenging to Tackle Alone

Neck and back problems involve unique hurdles when it comes to applying for benefits. Because these conditions affect everyone differently, you may face an uphill battle in proving that your back injury qualifies as a physical impairment.

Our team routinely helps people with back and neck problems get the benefits they deserve. We know what kind of evidence will fortify your case. You can count on us to gather detailed documentation — such as medical records, X-rays and MRI scans — to build the strongest case possible.

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